We help clients build exciting new brands or inject new life into existing ones. At Sequence, we really get to know your business values and what makes you unique. Our Blockchain experts work with you to ensure that first-time users understand your products and services.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Branding

Creating a strong brand that users trust is the key to success and adoption in the blockchain space.

We help create brands that are ready to venture into the world of Blockchain and Web 3.0. Already got an established brand? We can help inject new life that gives you the lift you need to get your business noticed on a global stage.

We’ve worked with a range of different brands of Blockchain startups from token based E-Sport platforms to entire new cryptocurrencies.

Blue Dove Dashboard

We don’t get visual until we know your values and what you want to achieve out of your new brand. Once we know your business, we create visual elements to your brand including imagery, colour and typography to capture your company’s identity. We work with you to combine all these elements into your own unique concept.

When you’re happy with your concept, we combine all the visual elements and deliver brand guidelines to your team. This will help you deliver a consistent brand across your entire business for years to come.

Are you ready to give your brand the love it deserves. Come work with us at sequence.


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