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Our Specialisms

At Sequence we help blockchain brands build everything from their visual identity, to new websites, to decentralised apps and even NFTs.


At Sequence, our branding team is well versed in the blockchain space and understands the challenges that come with web3 branding. We can give your new project a distinctive identity or work to refresh your existing brand.

UX Design

Web3 needs to onboard users through simple processes and easy-to-use applications. Our team will put your users at the centre of our approach. Working together we will solve challenging UX issues that come with the complex nature of blockchain technology.


Our team of developers will be able to turn our pixel-perfect designs into usable solutions that work for your users. Additionally, we are able to ensure your creation will be seamlessly integrated into all areas of blockchain technology.


If you’re a blockchain startup looking for a fresh pair of eyes on your project, or a web2 brand looking to bring your offering into the web3 space, we can work with your team to provide expert advice on all things web3.