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Our Specialisms

At Sequence we specialise in helping Blockchain brands build everything from their visual identity, to new websites, to decentralised apps and even NFTs.

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UX Design

Creating great visual designs means nothing if it doesn’t work for your users. Our team of user-centred designers get to know your users and their needs. This helps your business tackle and solve important Blockchain UX challenges in your products and services.


We help our clients to build exciting new brand identities or inject new life into existing ones. At Sequence, we really get to know your business values and what makes you unique. Our Blockchain experts work with you to define who you are as a brand and how to communicate that through visual stimuli.


Our team of experienced developers and designers will create usable and reliable solutions that work for your users. We have experience in partnering with Blockchain developers and agencies to ensure that integration is seamless.


Already got a product team and are looking for a fresh pair of eyes on your project? We can work with your inhouse team to provide expert advice on designs, branding, and the development and marketing of your vision. Our team provides valuable insight that can help take your products to the next level.