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We are building $500m staking dashboards, constructing cutting-edge DeFi platforms, pioneering in the play-to-earn gaming space and advancing the world of NFTs.

Sequence: Your Web3 Disruptor Agency.

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Let Sequence help you define different

We design, build and market Blockchain products and services for businesses across the globe. We’ve not got all the answers. Yet. But Blockchain’s future is being decided right now and you’re in good company at Sequence.



As Blockchain enthusiasts we take time to learn about your ideas, we question the unquestionable and collaborate to push each other forward.



At Sequence we help you define different. We’ll devise a plan for how we can create your vision in this space.



The Blockchain world is waiting to be designed and defined by creatives. We have a team of technically driven people ready to deliver your vision.



At Sequence our work is never done. Our sprint based methodology and use of user testing lends itself well to a constant cycle of improvement and evolution.

We exist to help Blockchain brands build new spaces and communities, unlock opportunities and design the things not yet imagined.

Find out how our culture, approach and knowledge have made us a design partner to some of the world's leading blockchain pioneers.

Defining things with...