Revolutionising the way crypto projects get off the ground


The key challenge was to deliver growth by building a slick, user-friendly platform. Critical to success was developing a well-thought-through UX that made the complex process and blockchain-related functions seamless.


Working from UX design to product build, Sequence delivered a strategy that has gained rapid user traction and established Launchpool as one of the leaders in the space within just nine months, outperforming all of the initial objectives Launchpool set.

01. Overview

Launchpool is a crypto launchpad, revolutionising how blockchain-based projects get off the ground by providing them access to capital via a Kickstarter-type platform.

Launchpool was conceived on egalitarian investing principles and believes that all stakeholders in an investment project are equally important. It prides itself on ensuring early-stage investment is accessible for everyone.

Sequence challenged ourselves to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To launch the project within six months.
  2. To ensure that Launchpool users instantly understood how the platform worked and could onboard simply.
  3. To build an easy-to-access interface that integrated multiple blockchains, including formal KYC identity processes within the blockchain app.
  4. To grow the community to 10,000 users within the first year.

02. Community

Launchpool is a community bound together by the $LPOOL token.

The community comprises investors, growth hackers, influencers, traders and knowledgeable industry participants who combine to form an incentivised community around the projects Launchpool offers.

Specifically, there are three primary audiences: crypto startups, $LPOOL holders and investment funds. Each had different needs and required engagement strategies.


Active Investors




Locked in Staking


Raised for Projects

03. Setting The Precedent For Web3 UX

This app would be the core community engagement platform, so great UX was key.

We mapped all user journeys across the site, from the point of landing to the approval of smart contracts.

We were working with new technology, so we invented UX patterns on-the-fly. There was no precedent for the blockchain wallet challenges we faced, so our agile build approach allowed us to develop solutions iteratively.

Richard Simpson

Launchpool Founder

You’re always a bit hesitant when working with a new partner, but straight away the team at Sequence put us at ease. They were very professional and obviously knew exactly what they were doing in terms of web3 development.

04. Multi-Chain App Development

Our goal was to create a flexible, robust platform that was blockchain agnostic. Each project on Launchpool requires a single network: to enable investment and fund-raising and for token distribution.

We simplified the user-process by displaying an alert between page transitions, asking them to change to the required network.

This feature helped users who were new to the crypto world. If their wallet had no network set up, we could add it for them. This feature also provides security and builds trust with new users.

05. Innovative Launch

To drive token take-up at launch, we developed a staking dashboard to enable the equitable distribution of $LPOOL into the crypto ecosystem without an initial coin offering (ICO).

This simple process meant users could stake assets and receive the LPOOL token without unnecessary interventions.


Sequence continues to work with Launchpool on their journey. We can’t wait to see the innovative blockchain projects that launch via the Launchpool app!



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