Sequence are Blockchain experts specialising in Design

Sequence is a creative digital agency that specialises in helping Blockchain brands build everything from new websites, to decentralised apps. We work with a range of both established businesses and new brands that want to utilise the power of the Blockchain in their products and services. We focus on creating rich and engaging user experiences that can make your product/service appeal to an ever growing market.

The team at Sequence originates from a range of creative individuals specialising in UX, Design, Branding and Build of digital products. In early 2017, the team began to take an active interest in Blockchain, attending Blockchain events and starting to understand the possibilities of the technology. The team was particularly excited about the opportunity to unravel the many of the unsolved UX challenges of Blockchain. In 2020 the team came together and Sequence was born.

The Future

2030 Blockchain will deliver $3.1 trillion dollars in value to businesses worldwide. It will have a massive effect on what, and how we trade with different individuals and businesses across the globe. Blockchain has the potential to be embedded in every part of our lives.


2020 Blockchain explodes into organisations worldwide, with tech giants such as IBM investing millions into the platform, and innovative digital agencies like Sequence arising to help with the demand for Blockchain-based products and services.

Financial Shake-Up

2017 The Big banks started to take Blockchain seriously, realising how it could revolutionise the banking world. Blockchain budgets spiked 67%, as huge banks such as Barclays, Santander, and HSBC, all started investing in developing Blockchain technology.

Blockchain 2.0

2014 Blockchain 2.0 was born, with blockchain being used for much more than just a Cryptocurrency, organisations started to understand the system's huge potential.

The Birth of Bitcoin

2009 The first Blockchain based Cryptocurrency ‘BitCoin’ was born, when Nakamoto implemented the first public ledger. The virtual coins were worth almost nothing.

The White Paper

2008 Developers going behind the mysterious name of Satoshi Nakamoto, released a white paper establishing the decentralised and distributed Blockchain model to the world.