About Sequence

Want to shape Blockchain’s future? You’re in good company.

Our Mission

Sequence is more than a Blockchain agency. It’s a place, a process, an idea. We exist to help Blockchain brands build new spaces and communities, unlock opportunities and design the things not yet imagined.


We’re actively seeking the challenge of creating new platforms, processes and principles for our clients.


At Sequence we’re all about the buzz of blockchain. It’s reflected in who we are as an agency, the passion we put into our work and the communities we’re a part of.


Our team thrives on working with fellow innovators and blockchain enthusiasts. Pairing our expertise with entrepreneurial minds to disrupt the digital landscape.


The team takes an active interest in Blockchain, attending events and immersing themselves in the possibilities of the technology. This translates into our ideas, outputs and how we define different.

Our Culture

A place for brilliant, technically driven people to create, evolve and innovate within the Blockchain space.

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