Defining the UX of NFT Analytics

01. Overview

Evaluate.Market is an NFT analytics platform that is revolutionising the way we analyse, track & discover NFTs.

The Evaluate team came to Sequence with a unique UX challenge to scale their NFT analytics platform. The platform was originally centred around NBA Top Shot, one of the worlds biggest NFT projects. Sequence worked with Evaluate to evolve the platform so that it could host multiple NFTs across different chains. At the same time, Evaluate also wanted to complete a brand refresh in order to create a more modern and fresh look.

02. Wireframes

The Sequence team worked with the Evaluate team in UX sprints. This involved conducting UX workshops to define the new website experience after the platform scaled to multiple NFTs.

We produced a set of clickable prototypes that dictated the flow of the new platform, defining the UX of their new marketplace style screen which allowed users to compare different NFTs with a range of traits in the same place.

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03. Branding

The Evaluate team also wanted help to bring their brand in line with the innovative nature of their analytics platform.

At the centre of this brand work, was the logo. Alongside the logo, Sequence created a set of brand guidelines for Evaluate that included the new colour palette and typography choices to be followed going forward.

The new logo has a modern look while still incorporating the analytical feel from the previous brand that the Evaluate community is so familiar with. The vibrant colours selected convey a feeling of confidence, whilst the use of a gradient within the logo denotes a sense of upward momentum.

Through conducting weekly workshops, Sequence also helped Evaluate define their brand message by working closely with their team on the tone of voice exploration.

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04. UI Design

The Sequence team then took the Branding work and incorporated this into the Wireframe work to create high fidelity, ready to code UI Designs for the Evaluate team.

Sequence completely revamped the homepage to better explain the story of Evaluate and reflect their large community. We also ensured the new homepage reflected the full range of NFTs that the platform allows you to analyse.

Working in sprints allowed us to deliver a constant stream of assets/screens for the Evaluate developers to build and integrate with their analytics APIs.

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Christian Dittmeier


Sequence is our go-to resource for everything branding and design. If you are looking for a talented and responsive agency that understands the blockchain world, look no further.
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