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Sergey Nazarov

Sergey Nazarov is the man behind the decentralised oracle network Chainlink. Evidence suggests that Sergey could have had links to Satoshi through the domain, which was transferred just 6 days before the Bitcoin Whitepaper was released in 2008. A CoinTelegraph article also revealed that the IP address that Satoshi used (hidden with a Russian proxy) was also used by a man called Sergey in Russia.

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Powerful Friends

The Smart Contract domain, which is owned by Sergey, was purchased in 2008 just 6 days before the Bitcoin Whitepaper was released. Satoshi talked about the importance of Smart Contracts before he took a step back from Bitcoin. What did Sergey know about the release of Bitcoin?Source


The Russian Proxy

Bitcoin code from 2009 indicates that Satoshi was hiding behind a Russian proxy. The suspected proxy uncovered by CoinTelegraph was then traced to a man called Sergey in Russia. This is where Sergey Nazarov originally came from…Source


Kokichi Mikimoto

In 2013, Sergey told the story of a man called Kokichi Mikimoto and how he invented smoother pearls that ended up being adopted by the majority as they were an improvement on what we had in the past. Could Kokichi Mikimoto be a play on words for Satoshi Nakamoto and be a metaphor for how Bitcoin could challenge traditional global currency?Source


The Bitcoin Brand

Sergey released the first version of the Smart Contracts website in 2014, which was entirely focused on Bitcoin. He even used the Bitcoin logo as the website icon.Source


How Many Years in Bitcoin?

In a live interview, Sergey let slip that he had been in the Blockchain space for over 10 years. This means Sergey must have been in the Blockchain industry when Bitcoin was being developed. Look how the Chainlink leader struggles to regain his speech after the slip. Could he have just released something huge?Video

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