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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the billionaire behind Tesla, SpaceX, and Paypal, but could he be the man behind Bitcoin? The entrepreneur and developer who is worth over 70 billion dollars, certainly has the credentials. Elon was the man behind PayPal when they were trying to develop their own independent currency in the 90s. He is an expert C++ programmer and insists it is used on almost all of his projects and business ventures.

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PayPal for Crypto

The world's biggest online payment system, which was co-created by Elon Musk, was originally designed to create an independent currency that was independent of banks and regulators. Sound a little like Bitcoin? When Elon and PayPal fell out, did Elon move on to bigger and better things with Bitcoin?Source


Playing Twitter Mind Games

When Elon was asked about his stance on cryptocurrency on Twitter, he famously replied with “Well, now that Satoshi Nakamoto has been discovered, I guess it is case closed ...” The tweet came just a week after a forum post by Satoshi that read ‘I am not Dorian Nakamoto’Source


Development Stack

Satoshi creating Bitcoin using C++, Hal Finney described Satoshi as a master of the language and suspected Satoshi to be a young man due to its difficulty to learn. Elon was a young master of C++ and has sworn by the language for years. Almost all of Elon Musk’s companies, even SpaceX (2020), have used C++.Source

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