Sidekick is a complete spoof of the Superhero universe in NFT form! Sequence were tasked with creating a microsite for some of the most useless Superheroes we've ever seen....

Sequence were tasked with creating our most ridiculous site yet. With the design goal of building a site which looked anything but professional!

The site needed to be completely ridiculous and centred around the crazy NFTs created by Marvel comic book writer Paul Jenkins and artist Chris Moreno.

Sidekick is the brainchild of NFT Genius, who Sequence previously partnered with during their huge Bitcoin Origins NFT project.

The platform is a spoof of traditional comics, with some outrageously named superheroes, and villains, belonging to different teams which will soon be available to purchase as an NFT.

The Sequence team designed and built the interactive website with a quiz to find out which team users would belong to. Visit the Sidekick site and sign up for early access to their latest NFT project here. 

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