A UI concept to take crypto to the millions. We set ourselves the task of redesigning the UI for the PayPal to incorporate buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrency into their digital payment app.

At Sequence we are really excited about the mass adoption of Blockchain and PayPal integrating crypto into their payment app is another huge step on that ladder.

After the release of the PayPal Crypto teaser video, we set ourselves the task of designing a simplistic and effective UI concept for PayPal to integrate crypto into their digital wallet app.

We built on the existing PayPal app using their design guidelines to create a consistent feel. We then incorporate common UX patterns from other major exchanges in order to create a familiar experience for users.

Our PayPal Crypto Prototype received a lot of coverage on social media with the final PayPal design released in October 2020 being very similar to our design concept.

Check out PayPal crypto concept here.

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