Bitcoin Origins

Sequence partnered with Bitcoin Origins to deliver an interactive community website, helping the project grow and scale to one of the biggest NFT projects in the Blockchain space.

The team at Bitcoin Origins have set themselves the task of immortalising the most significant ‘Moments’ in bitcoin’s history through a rare set of digital collectible cards.

NFT Genius (the team behind the project) have devised a huge set of clues to create a global treasure hunt for their community. 

Each clue helps the community unlock the next clue in the hunt and eventually to unlock the next ‘Moment’ in Bitcoins history.

Sequence built in an interactive website where the Bitcoin Origins community could work together to solve the clues that help unlock the next ‘Moments’ (NFT Cards) in Bitcoins history.


“The new website provides the community with a seamless experience that allows them to dive deep into the Bitcoin Origins story and our entire collection of NFTs.”

Jeremy Born | CEO at NFT Genius


The site uses slick animations and transitions throughout that help convey the strong treasure hunting style theme that runs throughout.

To work alongside the clues/hunt element of the site, the Bitcoin Origins team also needed a place where their community could access all the cards/NFT’s that had been minted for each ‘Moment’.

Sequence created codex style pages which hosted all this information, in order to maintain a slick User Experience we used animated hover effects on the cards to maximise the use of space on the page.

Want to get involved in the project? Check out the site we built Bitcoin Origins | The Hunt.

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