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The mystery of Chainlink’s Sergey Nazarov

We take a look at Sergey Nazarov, the founder of Smart Contracts and Chainlink. Is there a bit more to Sergey than he's letting on?

Sergey Nazarov is a 32 year old tech entrepreneur, he is the man behind which led him to the creation of Chainlink in 2017. We know he loves a plaid shirt, but what else? He is a relatively private man that likes to keep off social media, instead he chooses to dedicate his time towards the growth and development of Chainlink.

As our team at Sequence have a development background, we thought we could come at this from a technical angle that’s not been fully explored before. We’ve dug a little deeper and found some interesting facts about Sergey and his history, we’ll let you put the pieces together yourself. 

“A wise man seeks the truth for he knows it will always find him” (Sergey Nazarov’s blog, 2013)

Sergey Nazarov


1. Sergey and

You may have seen rumours on reddit that Sergey Nazarov bought the Smart Contract domain just 6 days before the Bitcoin white paper came out in 2008. However, the fact that Sergey owns the name now doesn’t mean he was the one that bought it back in 2008.

After looking into the history of the smart contract domain we can see that the domain was indeed bought by someone just 6 days before the Bitcoin whitepaper was released by Satoshi. This record of the domain provided by DomainTools states that the domain was registered on the 25th October 2008, with the Bitcoin whitepaper being released on the 31st October 2008. Through looking at the internet archives from 2008 onwards of we can see that no one ever did anything with this domain, it was simply being held, until the Smart Contracts website was launched in 2014.

Smart Contracts Domain information


2. domain movement

If we look even deeper we can see that the domain was transferred to another account in November 2014. At this point we can be certain that it was Sergey that the name was transferred to.

Smart Contract Domain history

This means that the person or group that transferred the domain to Sergey, bought it just 6 days before the Bitcoin white paper was released. 

Just a matter of days after the domain changed hands, the first version of was pushed live by Sergey. A domain name isn’t something you buy a few days before you launch your new business. Especially when you want the domain to match up exactly with the name of your business.


3. What else does Sergey own? 

Looking through the source code of one of Sergey’s past endeavours, we were able to find his email address.

Sergey used this email address to register domains of new businesses, projects and organisations. We completed a reverse WhoIs lookup on this email address, which gave us all the sites that were registered with it.

Websites that are registered under Sergey's email address

Here we can see a glimpse of the mystery man and his past endeavours. Despite Chainlink coming out officially in 2017, you can see that Sergey originally registered the domain back in April 2016, this could have been the initial name for Chainlink. Sergey, despite being relatively young at 32 years old, has been involved in a variety of different projects, these mainly match up to his LinkedIn profile. However, the list throws up some mystery businesses and projects that Sergey has been involved in, such as and, these domains have expired.


4. Bitcoin smart contract website

Ever wondered what the Smart Contract website set up by Sergey looked like when it was first released? Take a look at the first ever published version of the smart contract website. You can see some of the first practical uses of Smart Contracts, including making Bitcoin payments based on SEO rankings and Bitcoin Escrow, Sergey even talks about the possibility of buying and selling houses using their Smart Contract platform on the website. What’s interesting is the  entire website is based around the Bitcoin project. The website icon next to the title (on the tab bar) is even the Bitcoin logo.

First version of Smart Contract website

5. 10 years in Blockchain?

Sergey recently conducted a live talk on the Chainlink channel where he admitted how long he’d been working in the Blockchain space. Stating he’d been in the space for over 10 years. This means Sergey must have started working in the space from 2009/2010, the same period in which Bitcoin was released to the world. Could Sergey have been involved in the development of the world’s first cryptocurrency? 

6. The Russian links

According to Sergey’s LinkedIn profile “QED Capital provided founder friendly venture capital to highly technical founding teams in Russia and Eastern Europe”. QED were the company that provided the funding behind some of Sergey’s past endeavours including Cyrpta mail and Secure Asset Exchange (SAE). However, what is hidden on the Chainlink and website and also Sergey’s LinkedIn, is that QED are the organisation behind Smart You may have already noticed the organisation’s name on the WhoIs record, next to Sergey’s details. The Russian organisation were the ones that registered the Smart Contract domain with Sergey. The QED website states that Sergey is actually the Managing Director of the organisation.

Furthermore, a recent article from The CoinTelegraph revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto used a Russian proxy for the website. 

The IP address was found to be shared with one other Russian user, who was posting reviews of a hotel in Vietnam. His name, Sergey. 


What do you think? Is there a bit more to Sergey than he’s letting on here? Could Chainlink be part of something even bigger? Have we missed something here? Let us know what you think on Twitter @uxsequence

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