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Wei Dai

Dai is a Cypherpunk and his work on B-Money is the first to be referenced in the Bitcoin whitepaper. He is an expert C++ developer, which is the same language that Bitcoin was written in and is a difficult language to master. Dai is an advocate for digital privacy and often talks about the importance of anonymity online. Did this view inspire him to create Bitcoin and to remain anonymous in the process?

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Wei’s B-Money proposed an anonymous, distributed electronic cash system, which had similarities to the Bitcoin network. Could Wei have based Bitcoin on his previous research?Source


The Cypherpunks Club

Dai was a regular contributor to the Cypherpunks mailing list, which included Szabo, Finney, and Satoshi. He posted details about B-Money on the mailing list in 1998, around 10 years before Bitcoin.Source


Microsoft Vs Apple

Bitcoin was originally developed using Windows and released as a .exe file. Satoshi had no idea how to build for Mac and did not own one. Dai had produced open-source C++ Windows applications before, including Bitvise. This could rule out other Satoshi suspects, such as Hal Finney, who had experience in developing software for Apple computers.Source


A+ in C++

Wei was a master of the C++ programming language, which is what Satoshi used to write the Bitcoin code. Many other Satoshi suspects don’t have the technical background that Wei had and would not have been able to write the source code without assistance.Source


Sound Familiar?

Wei and Satoshi had many entropy similarities in their writing style. The only individual to ever rank closer to Satoshi was Gavin Anderson, who was a former Bitcoin Core developer.Source

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