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Paul Le Roux

Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux is a skilled programmer and had created several pieces of open source cryptography software before he was sent to prison in 2012. He was a regular contributor on the Cypherpunk mailing list and had a very similar software release process to Satoshi, many have also observed that he used a mixture of American and British English which was also very similar to Satoshi. Paul’s criminal activity gave him the perfect motive to create a decentralised digital currency where he could remain completely anonymous.

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Evidence Timeline



In 1999 Paul announced E4M to the Cypherpunk mailing list, an open-source disk encryption platform. The development of the software shows how Paul was clearly skilled in both encryption and computer networking. The software was written in C++, this is the programming language which is behind the Bitcoin protocol. Source


Satoshi's Process

When Satoshi released Bitcoin he appeared to have been working on the project for years before announcing it on the Cryptography mailing list, asking for feedback and answering any questions. Satoshi then went onto to create the website to host the project. This is remarkably similar to the process Paul went through when releasing cryptography software such as E4M in 1999 ( and TrueCrypt in 2004 ( which he was rumoured to be behind. Source


Role of the Dice

As a cartel boss Paul was no stranger to gambling, he had also developed his own piece of casino software in the past. But what about Satoshi? An early release of Bitcoin (0.1.0) from 2008 revealed that Satoshi had included a framework to create a ‘Virtual Poker Game’ within the Bitcoin code. The framework was later scrapped in later public releases of the source code. Source


Crypto for criminals

Many Bitcoin critics have pointed to the fact that Bitcoin’s privacy/anonymity features make it ideal for criminals, but what if that’s what it was designed for? It’s fair to say that Paul wasn’t the nicest guy. He was involved in everything from drugs and arms deals to Somalian pirates. For a criminal mastermind an untraceable digital cryptocurrency would be a valuable tool for remaining anonymous and away from the authorities. Source


Satoshi Behind Bars

Why did the Bitcoin community never really hear from Satoshi after 2011, Satoshi told Bitcoin Core developer Mike Hearn that he had “moved on to other things”, but why? On the 26th September 2012, U.S. law enforcement arrested Le Roux for narcotics charges, seven murders, and operating a criminal cartel. Could Satoshi still be behind bars?Source


Document 187 reveals ‘Solotshi’

In April 2019, Craig Wright was asked to provide evidence linked to a court case. At the time Craig claimed that the names on some pieces of this evidence would need to be hidden to not endanger his life. A lot of the evidence provided was linked to the inception of Bitcoin and the first instances of mining within the network. But his lawyer made a big mistake and included the name Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux in the footnotes of the evidence. Source


See you on the other side Satoshi

After Paul has served his 25 year prison sentence he plans to start a Bitcoin Mining Business telling judges that he wants to “start a business selling and hosting bitcoin miners” once he is released from prison. Could Paul have a strong understanding of the Bitcoin mining process because he helped develop it before he was locked up? Source

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