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Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo was one of the world's first Cypherpunks. He made huge waves in the crypto space with BitGold, which he originally proposed in 1998. Many language experts have identified strong similarities in mannerisms between Satoshi’s and Nick’s writing. The cryptographer has denied links to Satoshi, despite accidentally claiming he designed Bitcoin in a 2017 interview.

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The Smart Contract

Nick was the first to introduce the concept of Smart Contracts to the world, a fundamental part of Blockchain technology, which Satoshi talked about after as he left the Bitcoin project. Could Nick have moved back on to Smart Contracts after he successfully created Bitcoin?Source


Decentralised Gold

BitGold was the first attempt at a decentralised cryptocurrency created by Nick Szabo. Despite the similarities to Bitcoin, Satoshi didn’t reference Bitgold in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Could this have been Satoshi’s own concept?Source


Playing With Time

Nick writes about BitGold in his blog ‘Unenumerated’ but later changes the date of an article so that it doesn’t backdate the Bitcoin White Paper published in 2008. Why would Nick do this? Was he concealing evidence that could lead to him being uncovered as Satoshi Nakamoto?Source


Szabo gone quiet?

The famous Unenumerated article was Nick’s pride and joy, with the law professional posting hundreds of articles on cryptography and a range of subjects. But Nick did not comment on Bitcoin in 2008, perhaps the biggest thing to ever happen in the space…Source


Slip of The Tongue

Nick speaks about Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Bitcoin on the Tim Ferriss show. Tim asked Nick a question, to which he answered: “I designed Bitcoin with 2 layers”. Nick immediately corrected himself to BitGold. Could this have been a guilty confession or just an honest mistake?Source


Sound Familiar?

Linguistics experts from Aston University researched 11 potential Satoshi suspects. The team concluded with confidence that Nick was the primary author of the Bitcoin whitepaper.Source

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