A Bitcoin content piece exploring the mystery of who really is Satoshi Nakamoto?

01. Overview

The Hunt for Satoshi is a content piece in collaboration with the crypto community, allowing users to explore 8 of the mysterious figures who could have been behind the Bitcoin project.

02. Technicals

We used a mixture of smooth and glitchy animations to create an immersive experience for users. Animated hover effects were carefully selected to reflect the mysteriousness of the Satoshi suspects, with images only becoming clear once a user hovers over the suspect.

The slick page transitions allow the user to seamlessly navigate throughout the different ‘evidence files’ to fully explore the piece.

03. Promotion

The piece was well received in the blockchain space with hundreds of users voting for who they thought was Satoshi on Twitter using #HuntForSatoshi.

The content piece also received attention from high profile gallery sites such as Awwwards and CSS Design Awards.

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Dan Heywood

Creative Director

Hunt for Satoshi was a really fun content piece to work on. I loved experimenting with different animations and transitions that give the piece its unique look and feel
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