Creating a set of NFTs that empower early stage investors

01. Overview

Launchpool Labs is a community-centric blockchain incubator which provides a platform for early-stage projects, and an opportunity for early stage investors to invest at one of the earliest rounds.

The Launchpool team wanted to create a way to reward their long term $LPOOL holders and community members, providing them with exclusive access to early stage projects on the Launchpool App platform.

Sequence collaborated with Launchpool to launch 4 tiers of Launchpool Labs NFTs, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

02. Design

The first stage of the design was ideation. Sequence developed multiple 3D video concepts that aligned with the idea of NFT holders being part of an exclusive membership club.

After we’d established the initial concept of a spinning 3D card, we refined the different NFTs to create a clear visual representation of the different tiers.

To retain the slick look and feel on platforms such as OpenSea, where the NFT videos loop, we created a glitch effect at the end of the video so that the NFTs maintained their slick look on any platform.

03. Development

Sequence worked closely with the Launchpool Smart Contract developer to launch the NFTs onto both the Ethereum and BSC Blockchain. Ensuring that MetaData allowed users to visualise their NFTs on NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea.

The Sequence team then worked to integrate these NFTs into the Allocation Mining part of the Launchpool app, which allowed participation in early stage project raises for NFT holders.

04. Final Words

The NFTs were well received in the Launchpool community and have allowed thousands of investors to access early-stage Labs projects on the Launchpool platform.

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